Friday, February 3, 2012

Project Life Week 4

Jan 28/12:

Jan 22: I am so happy that Mom and Pat are home and picked me up at the Spa. It is a cold rainy day and I just want to sit and snuggle. Pat loves it when I sit close to her and she rubs my chest. Mom and Pat did some clean up tasks around the house and I managed to sit with Pat on one of their breaks.


Jan 23: Well the house routine is back to normal today. It is still cold and rainy this morning and isn’t supposed to clear up. Pat left for work after putting out the recycles and the empty water bottles that Robert from Diamond Springs water will exchange for full ones. I always alert Mom to the truck arriving and Mom and I go and see Robert. He is always so nice to put the full bottles in the garage for us. This week we only have 2 empty bottles, normally we have at least 4.


Jan 24: Unfortunately Pat got some bad news today. Her DIL’s dad has taken a turn for the worse. While Pat finished up at work, Mom got her a flight out to TN and we thru some things in a bag for her (I helped with the socks). Once Pat got home, Mom and I took her to the airport. She is going to stay with the girls while Laurie goes to NY (I sure wish I could have gone with Pat, I really like the girls!). Mom’s thoughts and prayers are with Laurie and her family.


Jan 25: With Pat away, Mom and Pat decided that Mom should give the Lowes to Go option a try for groceries. Mom went online and added her groceries into the cart and 2 hours later she was driving up to get her groceries. Mom seemed quite pleased with the result. Me, I got to stay home – I would have preferred a drive in the car.


Jan 26: Garbage day, Mom does love that we have the large wheeled container. So much easier than carrying bags to the curb. I always alert Mom when the truck is here (not that she can’t hear the truck!). Well Mom had to go to see her doctor.She is coughing up stuff, and tells me her chest hurts and is tight. My diagnosis is it looks like Bronchitis.