Friday, September 30, 2011

Baking Surprise–Part 2

Sept 30: Please keep this between you and me, Mom may not have wanted me to tell you. I hung around Mom and Pat in the kitchen as I thought something was going on and sure enough there was.

Pat kept lifting out those large sheets of stuff out of the fridge and putting them on the counter. Mom would then perform some kind of magic that required putting them in the oven. This is what came out:


These are Ghost cookies – Mom does good magic! Hope I get to have some! Sorry the Ghost are upside down, but I had to get the picture before Mom caught me – I think she counts the cookies!

Take care

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Baking Surprise

Sept 28: Mom spent some time in the kitchen this morning. First Pat got out all the ingredients Mom needed before she left for work. She tells me this a surprise for someone I have never met!


After she got the mixer set up she came and let me sit in her lap – which is my favorite place to be. But after 10 minutes Mom had to get back to her task. (and yes, my Mom washed her hands!)

Mom used her Kitchen Aid stand mixer to mix all the ingredients together – she says you have to add them in a specific order for the recipe to work.  Good thing Mom can read, ‘cause I can’t, I can just keep her company.

Now it’s time to roll the dough out. Mom has a special mat that she uses and it keeps the counter top cleaner. She still uses parchment paper – not sure what that is.


No flour needed – Mom says this helps not effecting the dough. She then cut the large mound of dough into 4 and rolled each quarter out between 2 sheets of parchment paper. Can you see Mom’s roller?  She has special spacers on each end to keep the dough from being squished to thin. Mom’s friend (who gave her the recipe) says you can use two1/4” dowels and get the same effect.

Mom then slides the dough on to a cookie sheet and stores them in the fridge either overnight or at least 6-8 hours.


Mom’s friend told her to do this so that the dough gets nice and firm and then it cuts nicely with cookie cutters. I like cookies and Mom gives me some if I’m a good girl – but not sure I can have any of these.

Well that’s all for today, time for me to have some quiet time on Mom’s lap!

Take care.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Stampy Land Challenge

Sept 27: Mom wants to share with you a card she submitted to the Stampy Land challenge. Mom loves how Susan challenges us to stretch our creative boundaries!

This challenge was was to decorate not only the outside of the card


but to decorate the inside of the card.


Mom used this Hero Art stamp set for the inside of the card and this car Hero Art stamp set for the outside of the card

Take care.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Black and Yellow Spider

Sept 24: Look what Mom found just beside our deck. I think it scared Mom a lot! It is an ominous looking spider for sure, but apparently it is not poisonous, but you wouldn’t think it by it’s appearance!


Take care!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Stickle Holder

Sept 21: Mom’s up in her studio today. She was telling me that when she was visiting her friend Marnie in Vancouver, BC her wonderful sweet husband Art made Mom some Stickle holders! After some discussion, he cut some PVC pipe, drilled holes in them to allow the Stickles to sit upside down. (Mom tells me that this a good thing as when using them – you get  no air bubbles!)

Mom brought the pipes home in her suitcase (along with surprises for Pat and scrapbook stuff - nothing for me). I’m sure they caused some concerned when they saw them on the x-ray! Mom and Pat went to Lowes (I had to stay home – it was too hot out) the man told them to  rough them up, glue them together (with some really stinky glue!) and then spray paint them. Pat and Mom picked out a wonderful light green.

Here is the end result


They store really nicely in one of the IRIS storage containers. Mom can store 56 Stickles and she is really pleased with them! Thanks Art for doing this for my Mom.

Take Care

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Webcam for Seniors 101!

Sept 14: Mom was watching the morning news and they featured this couple trying to use their new web cam. You have to take a moment to watch this cute video. They have just gotten their new aqua laptop and their grand daughter has given them a lesson. They are having some challenges!

I can’t remember what she said to do…..

Take care

Monday, September 12, 2011

Proud Parents

Sept. 12: Mom and I had a quiet day Saturday. We spent some time outside – Mom was in the pool and I was standing guard.


Pat ran some errands and then after dinner we settled in to watch University of NE Lincoln  play football. We were hoping to see her favorite piccolo player as well. Mom was pretty excited about the game – NE won! But she was more excited at the end of the game that she was able to see  the piccolo section of  the Cornhuskers Marching Band.


Mom sent the picture to some pretty proud parents.


Take care

Friday, September 9, 2011

Boo! ……

Sept. 9: Mom worked in her studio yesterday playing with the new pumpkin die from the Be Spooked and Be Stuffed Lifestyle Crafts release.

She used the Handmade alphabet to cut the word ‘BOO’ in the front of the pumpkin. Mom wanted to used a tea light (whatever that is!) with the pumpkin and have the some light shine through. So after she cut ‘BOO’ she save the inside portion of the letters and then backed the word with vellum.

To make the pumpkin stand on it’s own, Mom cut out the pumpkin 3 times for both the large and small pumpkin. She then used strong tape called Sookwang or Scor-Tape on each edge of the pumpkins.

Mom was pleased with how it turned out. I think the battery operated tea light is a nice effect – it flickers like a real candle. See what you think.


Mom loves the green polka dot paper she used for the leaves and the stem. She tells me that she wrapped the stem around a pencil to make it curl.


Mom says these would be cute on the mantel or part of table arrangement. She around mentioned that if she put a bottom on them, they could be used for treats – I’m thinking cookies – I think Mom was thinking candy!

Come back in a few days and Mom will show you a card that she made with one pumpkin.

Take care

Saturday, September 3, 2011

New Nebraska Fan

Sept 3: Mom has a good friend whose daughter is part of the Nebraska Marching Band. I see Mom is sporting a funny new hat (she says don’t laugh – she never looks good in these hats!) and she has become a NE fan. She and Pat subscribed to the Big Ten network and will be able watch all the games. I think that is a good thing, but all I know is, that means I can nap on my Mom’s lap and have popcorn with Pat!


Mom was disappointed that she didn’t get to see the half-time show live, she did get to see the piccolo section on TV in the first few minutes.  She quickly snapped this picture – not great quality – but it’s all about the memories she says!


And look how much space is needed for 295 band members – Mom says they are the ones in white nestled in all that RED!


Nebraska 40 Chattanooga 7. 

Look who is just beaming from ear to ear! She may be tired and hungry but excited that she played in the first game of the season.


This is the start of something BIG! So all that is left to be said – GO BIG RED!!!!

Take care

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Lifestyle Crafts Blog Contest and Giveaway

Sept 1: Mom is entering the Lifestyle Crafts Blog Contest and Giveaway. The folks at Lifestyle Crafts wanted to to see what there customers and blog readers have been working on.

Mom choose the Gift Bag cookie cutter die and the small flower and greenery from the Wildflower Spring Gift set.

Mom cut the Gift Bag, the small flower petal and greenery from felt and said the dies cut the felt just like ‘butter’. She used her hot glue gun to put the bag together and attach the greenery, flower and button.

This little bag can be used for a variety of little treats of your choice. Mom put 3 Granola Thins that are covered in Dark Chocolate in the bag. These happen to be a favorite of Pat’s, but shhhh… it’s a secret!



Thanks for stopping by and checking out Mom’s entry.

Take care