Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Look What Mom’s Been Doing

February 4/14 – It is a rainy cold day here in NC! Mom stayed home with Molly and I today, that always makes me happy. I got to lay in front of the fireplace with a cozy warm fire burning! Mom seemed to be to busy in the sewing room to enjoy the fire, oh well!

After a little while Mom emerged from the sewing room and showed me the cutest bunny that she made as part of the Giving Bunny Project. The folks at Urban Threads supplied a free file that can be done in either a 4x4 or 5x7 hoop. The folks that don’t have an embroidery machine aren’t left out, there are instructions for those folks as well. Meet Samantha.


Isn’t she cute, Because it is cold outside, she made her a scarf to keep her warm are her journey. Mom hasn’t said where she will leave Samantha. Keep an eye out for her. Check out the Giving Bunny blog to see where other bunnies have been found.

That wasn’t all she worked on this morning. She was inspired by post on one of her Facebook Groups that she made this cute flower treat holder. This is a free applique flower that is from Five Star Fonts. Mom adjusted it to have a clear vinyl center so you can see the treats inside and the back is 2 folded over pieces of fabric that will allow this holder to be used over again.


Now she has to go to the store and get some treats to put in it. Hoping she doesn’t put doggie treats in it as it looks a little hard for Molly and I to get treats out of.

Well, I’m back to having another nap in front of the fireplace.