Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Ribbon, Ribbon Everywhere

Nov 2: Mom loves to use ribbon on her projects but I noticed when she shows her projects to Pat that she hasn’t been using much ribbon. Sunday I figured out why, Mom brought down a bag that was full and when I poked my nose in the bag there was a lot of Mom’s ribbon. There was a bag with little bits of ribbon poking out of it, lots of spools and then there was a large amount just loose in the bag.


No wonder Mom wasn’t using ribbon very much, she probably couldn’t find what she wanted.

So yesterday Mom and I stayed home and while I napped on my bed, Mom worked on winding her ribbon on funny looking cards that she got from here. 


Look how pretty they look now! All the colors of different widths are stored together. I think Mom will be using her ribbons a lot more again.


Mom got this IRIS box when she and I were out over the weekend. She bought it at Michaels Craft Store.

Take care

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NGCARDS said...

Wow such a lot of ribbon! lol Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a kind comment :) xxx