Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Mom did it Again!

August 2 – Sorry I have been absent for a really long time, but I’m back now.

Mom’s term as a member of the Scrapy Land Design Team 2 was up on July 31st. The great news is that she has been selected to be a part of the new arm of the Scrapy Land Design Team call “The Few”. This arm of the Design Team has 5 other very talented scrappers that Mom will be working with. Mom tells me  she is looking for her 6 month term. Mom was thrilled for her friend Gail, who made the Scrapy Land Design Team 3.

Over the past year Mom and I have spent some fun time in her Studio. Pat put together shelves for storage of all Mom’s stuff! She helped Mom put up magnetic sheets to store the cookie cutter dies from Lifestyle Crafts and Spellbinders. All this sure helped Mom in organizing her Studio. Which made it really nice to have Mom’s friend Marnie play with us in the Studio!


This is a view from Mom’s desk – Pat set the table up to be Marnie’s work space. It turned out to be a great work space and Marnie was comfortable enough to go upstairs and play anytime she wanted. Marnie took this picture with her new Sony Cyber Shot camera that can take panorama shots! Mom thinks she may keep the table up for her friend Gail to come and play with her.

I will be back soon to share Mom’s entries with you and more pictures of Mom’s Studio.

Take care.

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