Saturday, January 14, 2012

Project Life Week 2

Jan 14/12: Here we are at the end of week 2 for Mom’s Project Life Project. She has been taking her camera when she goes out, as well, she takes pictures of things we do around the house. I want to share the summary for week 2.

Jan 8: I got to go for a long ride with Mom and Pat and we stopped at a house that I hadn’t been to before. While I waited in the car, Mom and Pat went in to meet with a lady named Marsha. She has dogs just like me! I got to meet Marsha and Spice when Mom and Pat came back to the car. I guess Spice had puppies and I am getting a baby sister! I’m not sure I’m happy about that, but we will see. Marsha showed Mom and Pat a puppy named Trick – he is very cute, for a boy! Mom took this picture for the lady who will be adopting Trick.


Jan 9: Monday morning and Mom has gone for her eye appointment, Pat is waiting with me for Mom to come back. After Pat left for work, Mom and I spent some time in the Dinning Room where she finished putting her Project Life binder together and I alerted her to the Recycle truck stopping at our house. (Mom appreciates me watching over the house)


Jan 10: I spent time with Mom today resting. She had a three injections in her back at the Carolina Pain Consultants. Mom says Dr. Rieker and the staff there are fantastic. I am so glad that they take such good care of my Mom. A box was waiting at the door when Mom and Pat got home, it was a camera for Pat. Mom was testing it out – she told me it can go in the water!


Jan 11: I can’t figure out what’s going on this morning. Mom is trying on summer clothes and it is rainy and really cold out, shouldn’t she be wearing jeans and a sweater? Just saying! Anyway, the next time I went into the bedroom this is what I found at the end of Mom’s bed.


Jan 12: Road Trip! Here comes the suitcases! Not sure if that is a good thing or not for me, but Mom and Pat seem pretty excited about it! When Pat came home from work she got her suitcase as well.


Jan 13: Oh my it’s Friday the 13th! No worries there are no black cats here or ladders up in the house. Pat is taking me to the Spa when she leaves for work. I guess I’m not going on the road trip, oh well, I will play with my friends at Bed and Bone. Mom’s plan for the day is to get their vitamins pills and other pills ready for their cruise.


Jan 14: I have to apologize for the delay in the posting of our blog, but I had to wait for Mom and Pat to get back and pick me up. (I didn’t have the computer with me at the spa!) Apparently Mom and Pat’s road trip was a little more than just a plain old road trip. It started with a drive to Charleston, SC to board a cruise ship! They cruised for 6 nights from Charleston to Key West to Freeport to Nassau and back to Charleston.


More to come. Take care.

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Dania said...

A cruise! How nice. Please tell your Mom and Pat to share some nice pictures. :)