Saturday, January 7, 2012

Welcome 2012! Project Life Week 1

Jan 7/12: Hard to believe that we are into 2012! Mom has been talking to Pat about starting Becky Higgins’ Project Life. She choose the Clementine edition. Mom kept unpacking the Amazon box and she decided on Design A for the majority of her pages but she also purchased some of the other designs to mix it up a little. These include the following pages: 6x12, Design G (which is a mix of Horizontal and Vertical 6x4’s), Varity Pak, Dividers and Big Envelopes for ‘stuff’.

Jan1: To start the year off Pat and Mom started the year off by packing away the Christmas ornaments and clean the house room by room. As much as I love having the house decorated for Christmas, the house always looks fresh when you take them all down. I am always a huge help by picking up whatever Mom and Pat drop. They are usually so happy with my help I get a treat when I give it back to them. SWEET!


Jan 2: Mom and Pat have wanted to de-clutter the stereo corner in the Living Room for awhile now. I have never been back in that corner, and am looking forward to seeing what they have been hiding back there! On a car ride to the mall between Christmas and New Years, Mom and Pat found these Leaning Ladder Bookshelves at Crate and Barrel. I watched them go together, hoping I could help by picking up a screw or something, but they didn’t drop anything. Mom and Pat were so happy how easily they went together and weigh very little. I guess they decided that it would hold the stereo equipment and pictures. Mom and Pat seem quite happy with the look, I like being able to check out the corner!


Jan 3: Mom and Pat are still on a clean house kick, but they do stop long enough to play ball with me. Mom has all kinds of things on her dresser, but these were looking kind of funny. She took them out to the kitchen were I watched her work some kind of magic with a cloth and the bad smelling stuff in the blue jar. I think they look really pretty now.


Jan 4: The sun is shinning and Pat opened the front door so I could look outside. It wasn’t open long as I tend to bark, Mom says at just about anything! Mom is so pleased with the end result of the small changes in the Living Room. This is a shot from our Kitchen. Mom caught me standing guard, I’m always up for my picture being taken.


Jan 5: Mom and I had company this morning. Chris from Carolina Sound Works came by to put some finishing touches on our new receiver (the old one was causing Mom and Pat lots of trouble). Chris is always glad to see me and I love to sit in his lap while he works. Mom and Pat were really pleased with his work and would recommend him to anyone.


Jan 6: Sadly to say that I had to stay home today while Mom went in town with Pat. After dropping Pat at work, Mom went to a class at Archiver’s named Itty Bitty Valentines Workshop. After class Mom stopped by Pat’s work to pick her up. I was sure happy when they got home.


Jan 7: We have finally reached the end of Week 1 of Project Life. Sadly today I had to stay home again, Mom and Pat went for haircuts in the morning and then Mom had a Pedicure in the afternoon. I understand that they went to Cold Stone Creamery and had some ice cream. Look at all those pretty colors!


Take care

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