Saturday, January 21, 2012

Project Life Week 3

Jan 20/12: While I am at the Spa this week, Pat and Mom are on a 6 night cruise that left yesterday from Charleston, SC. Our ports-of-call included Key West, Freeport and Nassau. They tell me they had sunshine for all six days.

Jan 15: So today they spent the day at sea. Mom said it was a cold night in their room last night, apparently there is no heat in the staterooms, just air conditioning. In the morning they are half way to Key West and the sun is shining.


Their first day consisted of:

  • a lovely breakfast in the Celebration dining room,
  • played a game of Bingo,
  • listened to the talk about the ports and the shopping in the ports they were going to,
  • a relaxing lunch in the Celebration dining room
  • some time on deck
  • then a nap
  • a fabulous dinner in the Jubilee Dining Room
  • some entertainment in the Universe lounge.


Jan 16: They docked in Key West at 8 a.m. They enjoyed watching the ship maneuver into the dock. Pat got off the ship to do a little shopping and look around Key West. She saw a multi-leveled bar and that top deck is a naked bar!


Next she passed by Sloppy Joe’s.


Pat stopped in Margaretville and bought Mom a new Tervis tumbler and saw this T-Shirt.


I guess feathered animals are protected in Key West. Pat saw a Mommy chicken clearing the pebbles away so her chicks could peck in the dirt.


Route 1 ends here in Key West.


Right near the pier where they were docked there was the Customs house and they thought it was such a beautiful building.


While Pat was off the boat, Mom was relaxing on deck and doing a little knitting.


Jan 17: They left Key West at 4pm and headed to Freeport, Bahamas. They were scheduled to arrive at 8 a.m. and were right on time. Pat took a tour to a Dolphin sanctuary where she was to have an open ocean experience, but because the ocean was too rough, they stayed at the sanctuary. She swam with Chloe, her dolphin for at least 10 minutes or more. I don’t know what the big deal was, I can swim with Pat anytime she wants in the summer!


Jan 18: They said goodbye to Freeport and set sail for Nassau, Bahamas at 6 p.m. They arrived in Nassau some time in the night and were guided in port on time at 8 a.m. Pat and Mom got off the ship to do some shopping at Cariloha Bamboo and Del Sol. We bought some new sheets for Mom’s bed (I guess for me as well, as I share the bed with Mom!) and some fun coloring changing gifts for the grandchildren. In the afternoon Pat toured the fabulous Atlantis Resort.


As well, while they were in port, in both Freeport and Nassau, Mom said the crew did quite a comprehensive evacuation drill. She was sure this had something to do the tragedy in Italy. They even dropped the life boats into the water.


Jan 19: As the sun set they sailed out of Nassau at 6 p.m. and shared a lovely dinner with their new friends, they were looking forward to their day at sea. Mom said the sunshine was plentiful and there were wonderful warm breezes again. Pat and Mom said it was kind of sad to sit and listen to their debarkation talk as that meant their cruise was coming to an end (why sad – that means they are coming home to me!). While they waited for their talk, Mom taught Pat to do some Quilling! I’m sure there will be projects in future with the little flowers, dragonflies etc. she made.

One of the fun treats Mom had that day was dessert Sushi! Everything was made with fruit and chocolate.


The other fun treat Pat and Mom had for lunch was Ice Cream Puff Swan. They were making them with vanilla, chocolate or strawberry ice cream. Growing up Mom’s, Nana would make her Cream Puff Swans – Mom says that was a great memory to relive.


Jan 20: Mom and Pat continued north thru the night and were back in Charleston at 6 a.m. Mom said the crew was very organized getting them off the boat. They had their last breakfast in the Celebration dining room and reported to their area at 830 a.m. and were off the ship, got a porter for the luggage, cleared customs and bordered the bus to the parking lot and were at their van at 915 a.m.

What a great vacation! Now come and get me!


Jan 21: Pat came and picked me up at the spa today. She said I looked really pretty with my haircut! I was so glad to be home with Mom and Pat. I found myself resting on Mom’s lap, making it hard for her to do anything on her computer, but she didn’t seem to mind!


Take care.

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