Thursday, September 1, 2011

Lifestyle Crafts Blog Contest and Giveaway

Sept 1: Mom is entering the Lifestyle Crafts Blog Contest and Giveaway. The folks at Lifestyle Crafts wanted to to see what there customers and blog readers have been working on.

Mom choose the Gift Bag cookie cutter die and the small flower and greenery from the Wildflower Spring Gift set.

Mom cut the Gift Bag, the small flower petal and greenery from felt and said the dies cut the felt just like ‘butter’. She used her hot glue gun to put the bag together and attach the greenery, flower and button.

This little bag can be used for a variety of little treats of your choice. Mom put 3 Granola Thins that are covered in Dark Chocolate in the bag. These happen to be a favorite of Pat’s, but shhhh… it’s a secret!



Thanks for stopping by and checking out Mom’s entry.

Take care


Stampy Land said...

Missy will you tell your momma "good job" - I love cutting felt goodies with my dies!!!! Fingers crossed!!!!

Dania said...

Your mom does really nice work. That bag is so cute. :)