Saturday, September 3, 2011

New Nebraska Fan

Sept 3: Mom has a good friend whose daughter is part of the Nebraska Marching Band. I see Mom is sporting a funny new hat (she says don’t laugh – she never looks good in these hats!) and she has become a NE fan. She and Pat subscribed to the Big Ten network and will be able watch all the games. I think that is a good thing, but all I know is, that means I can nap on my Mom’s lap and have popcorn with Pat!


Mom was disappointed that she didn’t get to see the half-time show live, she did get to see the piccolo section on TV in the first few minutes.  She quickly snapped this picture – not great quality – but it’s all about the memories she says!


And look how much space is needed for 295 band members – Mom says they are the ones in white nestled in all that RED!


Nebraska 40 Chattanooga 7. 

Look who is just beaming from ear to ear! She may be tired and hungry but excited that she played in the first game of the season.


This is the start of something BIG! So all that is left to be said – GO BIG RED!!!!

Take care

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Dania said...

That hat looks real good on you! Red is your color and I do think that is Lizzie. Great shot!